Learning Leadership From Leaders.

Our Mission

We liaise leaders and empower them to learn from each other.

How does a LeadersLiaison work?

The whole process can be summarized as follows: 


We guide you through the process, understand who you are and what you are looking for. We search for a well fitting leader for you who is willing to be shadowed by you and can make the introduction.


We help you organize the shadowing and support you. We make sure that you have the experience of your life. Our guide book orientation, proposals for agreements or NDA’s, if any, are included.


We facilitate and support the reflection on both ends, help you integrate what you learned into your daily life and build further on the newly built connection.

Who We Are

We are a network of leaders and people working with leaders.
We want to improve lifelong and relevant learning for leaders and are convinced
learning leadership from inspiring leaders is the best way to do that.

Our Partners

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Your personal contact for any questions you might have:

Govinda Hiemer

Govinda Hiemer is the initiator of leadersliaison.org and personally accompanies every project.
You can contact him on his social media or you can request a personal call.

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Jutta Jerlich

Jutta Jerlich is passionate about education as a basic human desire. She loves to create bridges for people to learn from each other. Leadersliaison.org is such a bridge.

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Next Steps

You want to gain a new
perspective on leadership and
learn with a practical approach?

You want to improve the leadership skills
in others and are willing to be
shadowed by another leader?

Or you just have further questions
you want to ask us?